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Audencia Business School and its stakeholders have co-designed and co-created the Audencia 2020 strategic plan under which the Institute of Finance is one of the three priorities for investment by the School together with Innovation and CSR.


Creating, hosting and disseminating high-level scientific discussions and research output affecting the academia, businesses and society.

Providing high level teaching, learning and training to our students and graduates so as to become effective leaders who are sought after in their chosen fields.

Recruiting, supporting, and assisting our professors:

  • in their career development,
  • in carrying out their projects,
  • in contributing to the strategy of the Institute (new teaching methods, new programs, research projects, etc.)

Our vision

The Institute of Finance was launched in 2016 as part of the Audencia 2020 plan.

The Institute houses all research and pedagogic activities in the areas of finance, accounting and control, integrating the former Accounting and Finance department. It has also absorbed, with an aim to further build on their success, the former relevant research axis and the Centre for Financial and Risk Management, both of which in the recent past have delivered a plethora of publications in top ranked international refereed academic journals, organised events (including international conferences and symposiums) that foster research and have achieved substantial research funding. 

Our vision is to increase our tenured faculty by about a third by the end of 2020, by focusing on increasing our research output, our internationalization and our teaching offerings. Specifically, we aim to update existing programs and to develop new programs, host events supporting research, provide high-level research output, and seek funding opportunities that will help us to finance our activities and continue to grow.

Emilios Galariotis

Director - The Institute of Finance