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Our students have full access to a comprehensive set of tools and real-time data platforms widely used by professionals in the financial industry: a dedicated trading room with Bloomberg terminals, Thomson Eikon and online access to academic and peer-reviewed journals.

The Trading Room

An outstanding opportunity for daily experience of real-life situations 

Students enjoy unlimited access to the trading room, both during and outside of class. This is a very valuable tool for gathering useful data to perform financial analysis in real life situations.

Bloomberg Terminal

Bloomberg is one of the key tools widely used in professional trading rooms. Using this database and numerous analytical tools, students will find themselves confronted with scenarios and situations they are likely to encounter during their career.

Thomson EIkon

The Thomson Eikon database complements our offer by giving a comprehensive access to financial information for the major stock markets:

  • financial figures and reports on listed companies
  • macroeconomic data 
  • equity markets, bond markets, foreign exchange, derivative markets, commodity markets…

As with Bloomberg, our students find themselves in real life situations and learn to react to circumstances.

The media library


With a collection of over 16,000 titles, including 1,700 in finance and access to 27 databases, Audencia Business School media library is a must for anyone attending the school.