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Initial Training

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Taught studies at the Institute

The Institute of Finance is devoted to teaching excellence in a wide range of core areas including corporate finance, audit, management control, investment banking, capital markets and risk management. We provide our students with the academic knowledge, technical skills and career guidance they need to succeed in their chosen career paths. Our students benefit from a rich and challenging learning environment, as we use various teaching methods, including research based teaching, case-based learning, work placements and practical sessions, as well as hands on learning in computer labs and trading room. In addition, they have full access to dedicated databases such as Bloomberg and Thomson-Reuters EIKON, as well as online journals which enable them to perform both individual and group research. We bring together the latest research developments, best professional practice and innovative teaching & learning methods, to enhance their learning experience.

Alexis Guyot

Head of Academic Affairs - The Institute of Finance

Major in Financial Markets

Specifically designed for careers in asset management, it gives participants a strong technical knowledge and professional skills in advanced financial analysis, quantitative finance, company valuation, portfolio management, derivatives, macroeconomics, and trading strategies. It prepares students for pricing financial assets and valuing companies, as well as passive and active portfolio management styles.

Career opportunities: Asset management, Sales, Back office, Credit risk, Financial analysis, Corporate & investment banking.

Major in Management control & audit

Students achieve a comprehensive and thorough knowledge in audit and management control, applied to different business settings. The curriculum is structured around technical skills in international accounting, auditing and consolidation standards, management control and valuation techniques.

They will develop vocational skills related to IT, governance and organizational efficiency issues faced by companies.

Finally, case-based teaching will give students a broad sense of management control, taking into consideration the specific features and characteristics of industrial businesses, manufacturing and service industries, building and civil engineering, as well as project management.

Career opportunities: Internal audit, Management control, Consulting & audit, Reporting, Finance departments.

Major in Financial Strategy

Develops skills in valuing and structuring financial products that are necessary to meet the challenges of financing the growth of company. Special emphasis is put on mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis, investment and corporate financing decisions, financial engineering techniques and the analysis of M&A strategies and the key value drivers of such operations.

Career opportunities: M&A analysis, Product structuring, Financial analysis, Corporate and Investment Banking, Consulting.

Major in Corporate Finance

Prepares our students for all employment prospects in the banking industry or in corporate finance. It offers a comprehensive program based on professional skills in advanced financial analysis, quantitative finance, company valuation, portfolio management, cash management, financial engineering, and reporting under IFRS & US GAAP standards. Upon completion of the major, participants will have all the technical and professional skills needed to progress within a finance department or in investment banking.

Career opportunities: Private equity, Financial analysis, CFO, Cash management, Credit analysis, Project finance, Corporate and Investment banking, Consulting & Audit.

Major in Financial Risk Management

A specific program for those who seek a career in financial risk management, audit or compliance. Emphasis is put on financial risk modelling, valuation techniques and quantitative skills.

Career opportunities: Audit and control, Credit analysis, Asset Liability Management, Risk management, Sales, or Structured products.

Specialized Masters'® in Finance, Risk & Control


Designed for students interested to acquire high level expertise in both financial strategy and risk management, this course provides a comprehensive training in finance by combining professional, legal and regulatory expertise with risk assessment techniques. This double competence ensures that our future managers will be fully operational as soon as they leave.

The curriculum focuses on risk modeling and analysis. Students will have the opportunity to use their knowledge within the final master’s thesis, bringing innovative solutions to current issues in the banking and insurance sector or alternatively to investment and asset management companies.

Career opportunities: Asset management, Sales, Back-office, Credit analysis, Financial analysis, Investment banking.