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Every month, the members of the Institute of Finance come together for an afternoon seminar, providing an opportunity to discuss progress of their research in particular, or invite faculty from other French or international academic institutions.

Conferences / Workshops

3rd Workshop on small business economics, accounting and finance,
16 November 2018, ESDES Business Scool, Lyon.
Co-chair:  Dr. Ramzi Benkraiem


Conférence Internationale AFFI

2020 (dates to be confirmed)
Organizer: Institute of Finance, Audencia Business School.
Chairs: Pr. Emilios GalariotisPr. Mascia BedendoPr. Benoît Sevi


Hellenic Association for Energy Economics

(H.A.E.E.3ème Conférence Internationale
03-05 May 2018, Athens, Greece.
Co-chair: Pr. Emilios Galariotis


Commodity Markets Winter Workshop

22-23 February 2018, Nantes.
Organizers: LEMNA (University of Nantes) & Institute of Finance of Audencia Business School


2nd Workshop on small business economics, accounting and finance,
17 November 2017, La Rochelle Business School.
Co-chair:  Dr. Ramzi Benkraiem


Hellenic Association for Energy Economics

(H.A.E.E.2ème Conférence sur l'Energie,
18-20 May 2017, Athens, Greece
President of the Scientific Committee: Professeur Emilios Galariotis


International workshop on small business economics, accounting and finance, May 2016,
Audencia Business School.

Organizer: Dr. Ramzi Benkraiem


Financial Engineering & Banking Society

(F.E.B.S.), 5ème Conférence Int., June 2015

Audencia Business School.

Chair: Professeur Emilios Galariotis


Financial Engineering & Banking Society
(F.E.B.S.), 4ème Conférence Nat., Dec. 2013,
Athens-Intercontinental, Greece.

Co-chair: Professeur Emilios Galariotis

Research seminars

17/05/2018Nihat AKTAS, WHUWhat drives the takeover process? New evidence from the inner workings of internal M&A teams.
22/03/2018Fabio BRAGGION, Tilburg UniversityCredit, Labor, and Political Unrest: Evidence from 1930s China.
15/02/2018François DERRIEN, HEC ParisDemographics and Innovation.
25/01/2018Joëlle MIFFRE, Audencia Business SchoolHarvesting Commodity Styles: An Integrated Framework.
14/12/2017Romeo TEDONGAP, ESSEC Business SchoolVariance Premium, Downside Risk, and Expected Stock Returns
09/11/2017Sophie MOINAS, Toulouse School of EconomicsFunding Constraints and Market Liquidity in the European Treasury Bond Market.
05/10/2017Linus SIMING, Audencia Business SchoolCultural Preferences and the Choice Between Formal and Informal Financing.
21/09/2017Victor DeMIGUEL, London Business SchoolA Portfolio Perspective on the Multitude of Firm Characteristics.
29/06/2017Chardin WESE SIMEN, University of Reading  The predictive power of the dividend risk premium.
01/06/2017Elias RANTAPUSKA, Aalto UniversityWhy Does Portfolio Choice Correlate Across Generations?
04/05/2017Magnus BLOMKVIST & Giacomo NOCERA, Audencia Business SchoolStaged Equity Financing - Who, When and Why?
Experience and brokerage in asset markets: Evidence from art auctions
30/03/2017Christophe HURLIN, University of OrléansPitfalls in Systemic-Risk Scoring
02/03/2017Evren ÖRS, HEC ParisRisk-Based Capital Requirements for Banks and International Trade
26/01/2017Salim CHAHINE, American University of Beirut, Olayan School of Business

Investor Relations and IPO Performance
15/12/2016Sotirios Kokas, Essex Business School, University of EssexEnforcement Actions and the Structure of Loan Syndicates
10/11/2016Olivier de Jonghe, Tilburg UniversityBank Capital (Requirements) and Credit Supply: evidence from Pillar 2 decisions
06/10/2016Per Östberg, University of Zurich and Swiss Finance InstituteThe Sovereign Debt Crisis: Flights or Freezes?
15/09/2016Emilia Garcia, School of Finance, University of St GallenIndustry bankruptcies and firm investment
02/06/2016Paolo Colla, Bocconi UniversityThe Price of Law: The Case of the Eurozone Collective Action Clauses
19/05/2016Manthos Delis, University of SurreyBank Enforcement Actions and the Terms of Lending
31/03/2016Nickolaos Travlos, ALBA Business School
Chris Adcock, Sheffield University Management School
Workshop on “How to publish in high-impact finance journals”
17/03/2016Carine Girard, Audencia Business SchoolGovernance and Equity Crowdfunding in France
04/02/2016Laurent Germain, Toulouse Business SchoolHeterogeneous Beliefs and Imperfect Competition in Sequential Auction markets





Dimitris Andriosopoulos, University of Strathclyde

Overpayment, Financial Distress, and Investor Horizons


Ilaria Peri, ESC Rennes

Risk measurement


Bertrand Tavin, EM Lyon

An investigation of model risk in a market with jumps and stochastic volatility


Huainan Zhao, Cranfield University

Are Large Acquisitions Credit Negative?


Timo Korkeamäki, Hanken School of Economics

Managerial entrenchment and matching leverage preferences


Thomas Lagoarde-Segot, Kedge Business School

Prolegomenon to an alternative study of finance


Jérôme Monne, Doctorant Audencia

Rational Herding towards the Poor: Evidence from Location Decisions of Microfinance Institutions within Pakistan


Paolo Quattrone, University of Edinburgh Business School

Unfolding Rationality: Imagery, Accountability, and Procedural Logics of Order


Arthur Petit- Romec, ESCP Europe

RoE in Banks: The Unfulfilled Promise of Long Term Performance


Réal Labelle

“Value relevance of environmental provisions pre and post IFRS”

13/11/2014Nondas Katsikas, University of Kent“Management Accounting Change A hybrid Institutional and Managerial perspective”
06/11/2014 Thanos Verousis, University of Bath“Do Investors Follow the Herd? Evidence from the Options Market”
02/10/2014Andrea Resti, Université de Bocconi“The credibility of European banks’ risk-weighted capital: structural differences or national segmentations” with Brunella Bruno and Giacomo Nocera
26/06/2014Christophe Moussu, ESCP Europe“ROE in Banks: Myth and Reality”
05/06/2014Alain Chevalier, ESCP Europe“Emerging markets:Corporate governance and Financial engineering".  "Drivers of LBO operating performance:an empirical investigation in Latin America"with Aurélie Sannajust  and "Do family held firms have weak corporate governance? Evidence from India” with Jyoti Gupta and Nikhil Arora
15/05/2014Andrianos Tsekrekos,  Athens University of Economics & Business“Accounting quality, information risk and the term structure of implied volatility around earnings announcements”
03/04/2014Naceur Naguez, Université de Cergy Pontoise«Dynamic Portfolio Insurance Strategies: Risk Management under Johnson Distributions »
20/02/2014Jing Zhao, Université de Latrobe"The Effects of Information-Based Trading on the Daily Returns and Risk of Individual Stocks”
06/02/2014Rey Dang, La Rochelle Business School"Does Board Gender Diversity Make a Difference? New Evidence from Quantile Regression Analysis"